Our speciality is making electric string instruments. In our workshop we also repair broken instruments and adjust them for you perfectly.
We are happy to find electrical problem solutions, restring your instruments, fine-tune them or repaint them.
Come and visit us with your instrument and we diagnose the problems, explore the possibilities, estimate the costs and determine the time frame.
Following the Bassline philosophy of the perfectly fine-tuned instrument we offer the “Pimp your Guitar/Bass” workshop in which Rüdiger Ziesemann will show you what you have to pay attention to when you want to fine-tune and take care of your instruments.

Have a look at some modifications on our BassParts facebook profile.

Here is a list of frequently asked for services for your orientation:

restring e-guitar, dreadnought, bass
10 €
restring classical guitar
12 €
complete adjustment
48 €
cleaning & oiling fretboard
starting from 12 €
fret levelling
starting from 35 €
new saddle (GraphTech)
starting from 15 €
new saddle (Knochen)
starting from 20 €
change tuners
25 €
headstock repair
starting from 50 €
replace output jack
15 €
replace pot
20 €

These prices are the same as in

transparent satin
95 €
coloured (stained), satin
125 €
coloured, satin
140 €
satin burst
145 €
transparent highgloss
240 €
highgloss coloured (stained)
270 €
highgloss coloured
285 €
highgloss burst
290 €
highgloss candy apple red
330 €
highgloss metallic
330 €

All prices incl. VAT.

Of course we refret your instrument or build a completely new neck. Feel free to get in contact with us.

trussrod replacement


Have a look at some projects we did. For more bass repair & modification projects follow us on our Bassparts-Facebook-Profile