Frequently asked questions

  • Do you make your basses completely by yourselves?

Yes, we do!

  • Is every Bassline bass a unique piece or do you produce large series?

We make custom-made unique pieces only. Although we do have Bassline forms and a pool of favoured pickups, electronics and hardware parts, our basses are all different, just like our customers‘ taste is different. There are no large series, only certain models that are wanted with a special equipment, for example the BlackBuster models or our Buster CW fretless.

  • Are all your Instruments handmade?

Yes and no. Since the beginning of Bassline Rüdiger Ziesemann has used a small CNC shaper in his machinery. Since 2005 there is a much bigger CNC shaper in the workshop with which we can preshape the rough form of our bodies and necks. This helps save time and and in the end our customers benefit from lower prices. Furthermore we can construct any form with the help of our computer and let it take shape in wood.

  • How long does it take you to make a bass?

It depends on how special the customers‘ wishes are and if the necessary parts are already preshaped or in stock. As we order the individual parts with our partners, we depend on their delivery dates. Parts in great demand however are usually in stock in our Bassline supplies.

Usually we can make and deliver the instruments within 3-5 months after the order has been confirmed.

  • How much do Bassline basses cost?

That depends on your wishes. We provide a price list with which you can compose your dream bass. The cheapest basses are those of our BlackBuster model series, which can be purchased as from 1890 €. Of course there is no limit upwards depending on (material) expenditure.

  • I am left-handed. Are left-handed basses more expensive than right-handed basses?

No. We make all Bassline instruments without extra charge as long as they meet our standards.

  • Do you make basses with different scales?

Yes. Our Bassline basses are long-scale basses as standard, but we also make short-scale and medium-scales instruments on demand. That however requires an individual additional charge.

  • Do you do the coating by your own?

Yes, we always did it by our own. In 2020 we decided to quit providing highgloss finishes. Satin coatings are still available, of course. We do not provide waxing and oiling of necks and bodies and nitro finishes, too.

  • What’s the procedure for ordering and paying at BassLine?

We talk to you personally in our workshop, on the phone or by e-mail and clarify the parameters and specifications of your instrument. Then we calculate the price with the help of our pricelist and send you an offer. You have the opportunity to verify the details. In the end we issue an order confirmation. As soon as you have paid 50 % of the agreed price, we start the production of your instrument.

  • How do I know which components I need to achieve the sound that I want.

We provide you with our professional advice. We have more than 20 years of experience making instruments and can help you choose the woods and sound-forming parameters. It would be best for you to come visit us in Krefeld and test a few basses in our stock. Then you can surely decide what you like and what you don’t like.

  • Can I make the instrument of my dreams in the Bassline workshop?

Yes, you can. In our workshop series “Build your Bass” you can become part of the Bassline team and make your own bass with us in an arranged period of time. Check in the section “workshops”.

  • Do you have 2nd hand basses?

From time to time customers trade in older Bassline basses for a new model. We renovate these used basses and offer them for a low price.

  • Do you trade in basses of other makers?


  • Can I pay my purchases via paypal?

No, you can’t.

  • How long do you warrant your instruments?

2 years. During this time adjustments like intonation, neck adjustment etc. are free.

  • What is included in the delivery of a bass?

We add a gig bag to all our basses. Furthermore every bass is fitted with security locks. We enclose a strap for the upper parts and an Allen key for all necessary adjustments. Additionally we throw in a Bassline T-shirt in your size.

  • Do you ship your instruments?

Of course we do! Shipping costs vary from country to country – so we invoice them seperately.

We do not ship our instruments to foreign countries that are not part of the EU. We are sorry, but bassists from the US or Switzerland for example are not able to order a BassLine bass.

  • Do you repair instruments of other manufacturers?

Yes, we do. We have a big carpenter’s workshop and besides our Bassline production we whip into shape various other stringed instruments. We do woodwork like fractures of headstocks, paintwork and we adjust your instruments. Furthermore we replace pickups or hardware parts. We also offer workshops, where Rüdiger Ziesemann demonstrates the perfect adjustment of the instrument you brought along.

  • Can you get everything?

Not everything. We are in close contact with our partners and they produce everything on request. Via our subsidiary website you can see for yourself what we can order for you from our partners. With other products we have to check if our retailers have them on offer.

  • I can’t find here what I want to know!

Write to us in our contact section. At the bottom of this section you also find our phone number. Just call or write if you have further questions.