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re:belle series special

In this category you find some re:belle series instruments, that differ a bit from the standard features: A crazy finish, an additional topwood – in the same way we do it on our Buster CW models, instruments without pickguards or pickups in wooden covers! A lot of custom options are possible. Feel free to get in touch with us! Here → read more

re:belle series multiscale

Our re:belle series are also available with a 34″-36″ multiscale. We changed the bodyshape a little bit and designded this aggressive-looking spike to find a slot for the ETS single bridges that make a 914,4mm scale on the low B-string possible. Compared to the more traditional sounding häussel pickups, which we use on the standard models, we choose custom Delano-pickups → read more

re:belle series swampressive

Reduce to the max! We go without the preamp and only use a passive tone blend for the Häussel splitcoil pickup. Swampash is the bodywood of choice: Lightweight and with all options of staining. In combination with a satin finish and the great look of open pores you really feel the wood structure. A modern-vintage bass with a fresh and → read more

re:belle series natural

Keep it natural! We do not colour these instruments. We only laquer a clear satin finish on those bodies made of local woods like elm or ash. Other woods are possible, of course! We trace the body-curves with a binding that contrast the natural wood colour. A fretboard binding and block inlays are also possible. price: A 4string re:belle series → read more

re:belle series standard

The standard model is equipped with an active 2band preamp and a J/P-pickup combination with a blend pot. The Häussel J pickup in the bridge position is a humbucker with two coils in line. You can choose between big or traditional polepieces. We use tulipwood (canadian whitewood) as for the body. Always in a coloured opaque satin finish and pale → read more


The Bustiny is our latest Buster-creation. It´s a headless Buster Standard which we scaled down to a 30″ shortscale or 32″ mediumscale bass. We manufacture this bass model as a 4- and a 5string version. We use a Delano SBC soapbar pickup and a 2band EQ. Very special for this instrument is the onboard headphone amp HA-1, which Andreas Richter → read more

Worp Art

The Worp Art is the high end version of the Worp Standard. We use finest selected woods in combination with inlays. All components of these individual basses are choosen to fullfill the bassplayers wishes. Worp Models Hauptseite Standard Acoustic Ausschnitte von Patric Siewerts Solo-Album, auf dem er ausschließlich seinen Bassline Worp Art 5 fretless spielt. Aufgenommen und gemischt in den → read more

Worp Acoustic

The Worp Acoustic combines the fundament of the Worp with the sound variety of an acoustic bass. The Sound chamber produces a smooth tone, which vibrates longer and improves the experience of playing a fretless bass. It has two adequate pickup systems which are adjustable seperately. A Haeussel Humbucker produces the magnetic tone and a Shadow Nanoflex picks up the → read more

Worp Standard

The Worp features one of the most innovative Designs created by BassLine. The neck and the body are conflate into a powerful entity. The long upper part of the body brings a massive boost to the B-String´s power. You will not only hear the Worp. You will feel it! A#*?kickin´! Features: – Body and neck are one solid unit. – → read more

Buster Art

This is the top of the line model! Neck through body, the exclusive combination of best woods and hardware put together with our finest arts in building bassguitars. High gloss finish gives the the breathtaking shine to the selected body tops and backs. Nearly every special feature is possible. Buster Models main site Standard Classic CW CW Fretless Bustiny Buster → read more