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Neue Homepage online

Es war mal wieder an der Zeit unsere Onlinepräsenz ein wenig aufzufrischen. Das haben wir getan. Klickt euch mal durch. Ihr werdet merken: Wir haben

Worp Art

The Worp Art is the high end version of the Worp Standard. We use finest selected woods in combination with inlays. All components of these

Worp Acoustic

The Worp Acoustic combines the fundament of the Worp with the sound variety of an acoustic bass. The Sound chamber produces a smooth tone, which

Worp Standard

The Worp features one of the most innovative Designs created by BassLine. The neck and the body are conflate into a powerful entity. The long

Buster Art

This is the top of the line model! Neck through body, the exclusive combination of best woods and hardware put together with our finest arts

Buster CW

The Buster CW (custom wood) comes with our specialy designed Resonance Chambers which give the instrument a very warm but well differenciated sound. Additionally the

Buster Classic

Across the years, the Buster has been subject to constant developments, but of cause we still offer the classical shaping for all those who love

Buster Standard

The Buster Standard series offers first class playability and fat tone. The Standard body is made of Dibetou, Ash or Whitewood. The neck is bolt-on.

Buster CW Fretless

Our Buster CW fretless models can be described as series, because we alway build it in the same way. This fretless beauty doesn´t need any