Buster Classic

Across the years, the Buster has been subject to constant developments, but of cause we still offer the classical shaping for all those who love the original Buster design from the early Bassline years.

The Buster is our most versatile model. Lots of options and customisations to choose. All Buster models are available with 4, 5, 6, and 7 strings and also as lefthand versions.

BassLine Buster Classic CW 5 custom bass ash black korina made in germany

For all uncompromising bass players who want superior quality „Made in Germany“ for the best price possible we created the „BlackBuster“.

The famous BassLine sound casted in surprisingly low price.

Features of the „BlackBuster“ Series:

– 5 strings (of cause also with 4 and 6 strings)
– Body ash in one or two pieces
– neck maple/padouk, fretboard rosewood, 24 frets
– Spacing 18 mm, pickup MEC MM-style
– measure 864 mm
– Noll TCM 3-band, toggleswitch serial, parallel, single coil
– Bridge ETS, Neutrik socket



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