The Bassline Viper, developed in 1998, pursues the constantly improving concept to tickle out the best possible wooden sound like that of a contrabass out of an electric bass.

This approximation of sound on the one hand is possible because of a multi-stripe neck made of maple or Padauk. The neck is glued into the one-piece body of Dibetou and the transition into the body is shaped so smoothly that the neck with its fretless fingerboard of ebony seems to be “neck-through”. On the other hand – just like the Worp Acoustic – the principle of a sound chamber is used that is closed with a cover of spruce. Thus the wooden bridge positioned there with an integrated Shadow Nanoflex pickup is able to catch the natural wooden sound. An optional magnetic pickup (Häussel Jazzbass) and active electronics by Noll admits a mixture of both worlds.

„The Viper by Bassline is a fretless bass of a special class. It is manufactured perfectly, very light in weight and has a wooden sound that I personally have never heard before. If you are looking for the independent sound, you should try the Viper by all means, especially as it reacts quite sensitively to the musician” // Jürgen Richter, Soundcheck 8/1998

The Viper is also available in other wood and pickup combinations as well as in a 4-, 5- and 6-string version.

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